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Evoke is a resource I have published with people of faith in mind but is accessible to everyone. It is a highly polished set of 50 credit card sized images from lonely buckets through to the beauty of human beings, each card bears a bible reference along with a guide for use. They are £18 and pre order at launch, email me for a postal quote and availability, they are limited edition and unique, I have not seen anything like them myself before now and I am excited about their release.

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When I first realised I was on a journey of faith, I couldn't find anything that would encourage me to explore God's greatness and presence around me. Perhaps I was looking in the wrong places because I realised that God is all around us within his creation. This is what gave us the idea of EVOKE. In the past I have written Bible Reading Notes in the usual format of Bible verse with story, in the hope that the readers would connect with my words. They do, and I continue to encourage you to take up such a task but I think there is a gap and that gap comes in the form of images. I am a photographer by profession and those who know me personally know that I photograph everything.

Some years ago during a very dry and dark time in my journey, the only way I heard God's voice was through what I was seeing. For instance there are some unused fishing boats along the coast of Dungeness, UK and when I sat contemplating where my life would take me next, I felt God speak to me through them. The scene of the boats brought tears to my eyes and they also over time brought back the hope I needed to carry on. I was at the edge of the world ready to fall off, it was God's voice through photography that saved me …

The idea of Evoke is simple, there are 50 cards to choose from. Each day/week you choose a card. Then spend some time throughout the day or week looking at the image, maybe listen to some music, maybe just be silent. Place it on your desk at work or on the dashboard of your car but spend some time asking God to speak to you through it.

PALM - Pray, Ask, Listen, Meditate … Each card comes with a Bible reference. The idea isn't to just take the words out of context so do read around the verse as time allows. However you may choose just to use the image and you may see something that nobody else does, and thats it! EVOKE is personal, just like your relationship with the Creator.

You can find more and connect with the author and others at You may choose to share what happened through EVOKE, you may choose to challenge others through what you see so please do connect with us, we long to see what God does through this little box of images …

EVOKE was written and designed by Sharron & Dennis Coburn ©2013 - contact 07515540679