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I'm a bit of a people watcher, trying to imagine what they do for a living and what kind of person they are, the little things they do that make you smile. With most clients I only have a short time in which to get to know them and its my mission to capture them in such a way that I see the real them, the real you. I read somewhere once that our eyes are the window to our souls and as its the eyes that often make a compelling portrait then that image is part of our soul.


Its a little deep I know and you may just see it as a few photographs of yourself looking alright so you can post them on facebook and await the likes, my aim however is to achieve a little more than that as you can hopefull tell from the slideshow on the left.


The details of the Photoshoot are something we will work on together, I dont have a static studio I have one that I can move around which means the time and cost is negotiable, expect to pay £50 to £70 for a good selection of finished high resolution images.

Contact me, lets start the conversation, dennis.

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